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Multichannel platform

Customer communication across all channels on one platform

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All Channels - One Software

Let your customers decide how to contact your company. With the INEXSO platform, you are ready to do so. Now and in the future.

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The INEXSO platform is used for both reservations and guest feedback. Customers can contact us in writing, by phone, but also in person. We use all the competences of INEXSO for this.
Andrea Kruse, Director Customer Service at TUI Cruises, Hamburg

Integration instead of further isolated solution

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Getaline's Communication Center Network uses the INEXSO platform to deliver its cross-channel communication services.


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central functions

Central functions across all channels make customer service efficient for you and your customers.

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    Intelligent routing

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    Automatic workflows

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    Knowledge base

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    Performant full-text search

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    Service level monitoring

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    Powerful reports

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  • Component integration instead of all-in-one or isolated solutions

    Companies are generally faced with the challenge of deciding between an all-in-one solution and many specific stand-alone solutions for their operational customer service software. All-in-one solutions often fail because, on the one hand, the solutions contain many functions that are not needed but cannot be deactivated. In addition, all-in-one solutions are already so complex that even the software introduction is a major project. Finally, with all-in-one software, missing functions cannot be implemented or can only be implemented with great effort. Stand-alone solutions map the required functions very well, but offer neither a uniform user interface (GUI) nor data exchange between the individual software programs.

    The INEXSO platform combines both approaches, but avoids typical weak points. The component platform allows distributed operational applications to be assembled from individual software modules following the Lego principle. The response management platform INEXSO ERM allows modular expansion to include future communication channels as well as powerful reporting tools. INEXSO ERM integrates via interfaces into the existing IT infrastructure (e.g. SAP, Dynamics, Sabio, Midoco, 4Com, Parlamind, Cognesys) and can be leading or subordinate application software up to a use as a black box. The lean software architecture creates flexibility and allows cost-effective extensions of functions.

  • All channels, one software

    Communication channels between customers and companies show great diversity. The need can range from single channel to multichannel to omnichannel. Different markets and customer groups have differentiated preferences for communication channels. Communication trends change at short notice. Channels whose use was planned as a marketing medium are used by the customer as a service channel. The technically simple expansion of initial channels to include Facebook, Twitter, chat etc., which is not critical in terms of time or costs, ensures investment security in the future. INEXSO ERM ensures that communication with your customers remains future-proof.

  • WhatsApp gives wings to social service

    Increasingly, WhatsApp is being used for service requests because it is the most convenient for customers. WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world and offers an advantageous channel for customer service. INEXSO's WhatsApp module combines the well-known ERM with the popular messenger: no need to switch applications, no customer contribution is overlooked. With a WhatsApp business number, customer service becomes more direct and familiar.

  • Central functions of the INEXSO ERM

    Thanks to the central functions of INEXSO ERM, the customer service software allows intuitive, fast and smooth customer support. Dispatchers are no longer needed for the screening and distribution of customer requests and can devote themselves to new tasks. Supervisors focus on controlling and maintaining self-defined service levels. They are supported by powerful reporting and analysis tools.

    Service agents devote their full attention to the customer. Thanks to intelligent routing, service agents receive the tasks they can perform best. Service agents receive exactly the emails, faxes, letters, social media messages, chat requests and customer feedbacks that match their skill (skill-based routing).The intelligent personalisation of INEXSO ERM automatically sets the correct salutation of the customer (e.g. Dear Mr.,...) as well as the correct signature and sending address of the company. Reply suggestions relieve the agent in formulating his replies and ensure consistent communication with the customer. Predefined and free variables provide portal- or even customer-specific content (e.g. to differentiate markets, A-customers, B-customers etc.). Standard enquiries, e.g. about delivery status (e.g. DHL, Hermes) and deadlines, can be answered fully automatically.

    Rules and macros allow workflow automation for routine tasks and recurring work processes. Using event triggers, you define events and conditions that trigger activities in INEXSO ERM. Last but not least, configured workflows can trigger actions in third-party systems that are connected via interfaces (e.g. create ticket, data reconciliation with customer management software).

    Market-leading artificial intelligence systems can be integrated for categorisation, routing and response. A knowledge database offers support in clarifying issues. The high-performance full text search allows extremely fast access to the central communication archive.

  • Automated processing macros

    Customer enquiries can entail complex processing. Internal queries, interim notifications to the customer, prioritisations and categorisations up to the conclusion and automatic dispatch of the response often form a whole sequence of individual actions. With the process automation of the ERM, the productivity of the agents can be increased considerably. In the familiar user interface, recurring processing steps can be mapped with macros and executed with a "one click" from the message preview. The employees create more service requests in the same amount of time, while at the same time the error-proneness of the processes decreases. Macros triggered by event triggers allow for an even higher degree of automation.