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INEXSO modules

Flexible extension of the INEXSO platform, as required.

Flexible extensions for your ERM

With INEXSO ERM you are future-proof. You can start small - and add modules later as required, e.g. new communication channels, workflow automation (RPA), new interfaces, powerful analysis tools and much more.

ERM extensions

Connection of 3rd parties for functional enhancements

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    The WhatsApp module extends the INEXSO ERM platform by the most common personal communication channel in Europe. WhatsApp requests can be distributed synchronously or asynchronously to teams and processed in the convenient ERM interface. Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API, this is also compliant to European GDPR.

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    INEXSO FACEBOOK is fully integrated into the INEXSO ERM platform. The module can be linked to any number of Facebook pages. Via the provided interface, posts, comments, but also private messages of your Facebook visitors are transmitted and created responses within ERM are published on Facebook.

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    The TWITTER module can link the INEXSO ERM platform to any number of Twitter accounts. INEXSO TWITTER transmits both your own public tweets and replies to these, as well as direct tweets in both directions including mentions of your Twitter address in public tweets.

  • SABIO - a serviceware solution


    With the SABIO knowledge base integration, users can find knowledge texts, documents, internal messages and contact data from SABIO directly in the ERM and transfer them to the ERM processes with one click.

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    The MIDOCO module combines the ERM platform with the market-leading MIDOCO Midoffice solution for online tour operators and travel agencies.

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    Jira Software

    Companies involved in software development or running an internal IT helpdesk like to use JIRA, the leading web-based application for bug tracking and task management in the context of troubleshooting.

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    Increase your visibility, improve your online reputation and create a seamless customer experience - with Uberall integration for INEXSO ERM.

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    parlamind is an artificial intelligence (AI) for customer service based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Parlamind will analyse, pre-process and autonomously answer incoming customer communication.

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    Sometimes artificial intelligence (AI), i.e. systems based on statistical methods, is not sufficient to generate reply suggestions or for automatic reply to requests. This is where the INEXSO COGNESYS module links the INEXSO ERM platform with the patented semantic technology of the COGNESYS engine.

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INEXSO extensions

Extensions of the ERM functionality without connection to 3rd parties

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    INEXSO Chat

    The CHAT module integrates seamlessly into the inexso ERM platform. inexso CHAT offers new possibilities for sales support, in the efficient clarification of your service agents with each other and with agents in partner companies.

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    Web Self Service

    The Web Self Service (WSS) supports the static FAQ of your website with dynamic content, which leads to faster competent support on the website and a significant relief of your service center. In addition, the WSS can function as an internal knowledge database in the company network and thus relieve your internal helpdesk.

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    Complaint management

    Feedback from your customers is an essential source of information in a customer relationship. The correct handling of positive and especially negative criticism gives companies a significant competitive advantage.

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    The connection to your 3rd party system (CRM, ERP, WFM etc.) is based on modern web services via REST and thus offers simple options for data exchange and remote control of processes between the various applications. Web services can be ideally integrated into the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of your company.

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    Analytics API

    The software module delivers hundreds of key performance indicators (KPI) and offers them for further processing in your data warehouse. In addition, ANALYTICS presents the most important performance indicators in easy-to-understand charts, diagrams and trend curves of the integrated dashboard.

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    INEXSO ERM grows with its tasks. Who knows today about the requirements of customer communication in 2 or 5 years' time. Who wouldn't want a customised expansion option for the future. With INEXSO ERM, you don't overburden your service agents of today with unused functions of tomorrow. Integrate INEXSO ERM into your IT system landscape as required. Keep the freedom to decide which one is the leading system.

  • Customer loyalty

    Motivate your customers to give ratings and respond to given customer ratings without having to change the software. Add feedback and complaint management capabilities to your customer service.

  • All channels, one software

    Integrate knowledge bases and new communication channels. Gain experience with self-service, chats and chatbots.

  • INEXSO Analytics

    Extend the operational capabilities of INEXSO ERM with continuously growing analytics and reporting capabilities from INEXSO ANALYTICS.