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Feedback management

Use feedback to retain customers and gain information

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When customers are not satisfied

Not everything always goes to the satisfaction of your customers. Expressed complaints are almost always signs of general process weaknesses. The systematic recording of feedback and its structured, prompt processing are therefore of central importance for your company's customer management.

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Feedback Management

With the INEXSO FBM, you use the feedback from your customers. With your support we analyse your processes in detail and map them in a customised software solution.

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With the completion of the project, INEXSO FBM enables you to

  • Record feedback in a structured way
  • Process feedback transparently and promptly
  • Evaluate feedbacks in detail
  • Use feedback as a basis for improvement processes
The customer has an insight into the processing at all times - this saves communication costs for all parties involved and the customer knows that we are taking care of their concerns.
Martin Weißkirchen, Process and Quality Management Operations Europe at BCD Travel

Customised software

As a highly customised software, INEXSO FBM maps the feedback processing according to the process analysis. As a result, the software is characterised as a combination of communication functions of the underlying INEXSO Multichannel Platform as well as customised administration, data masks, processing, compensation and evaluation workflows.

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If a feedback is recorded in INEXSO FBM, the processing workflow may look like the following, for example:

  • Search of the customer transaction (via customer ID, order ID)
  • Data enrichment via interface to the ERP system
  • Classification of the feedback according to predefined categories
  • Enrichment of the feedback with accompanying documents
  • Assignment to suitable and available service agents
  • Communication and resubmission management
  • Personalisation and response suggestions (best response, knowledge database)
  • Quality control, dispatch and archiving (feedback archive)
  • Analysis, monitoring and reporting functions (controlling)

DER Touristik is German market leader for individually combined touristic modules. INEXSO ERM is software of choice to manage DER customer correspondence.

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Measurable success

Feedback management with the INEXSO FBM is measured by its success:

  • Identification and elimination of weak points in products and processes
  • Significant savings (insurance, compensation, recovery claims)
  • Valuable information for product development
  • Satisfied customers and recommander

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  • Measurable success

    Central reporting is an essential part of INEXSO's complaint management. The basis for meaningful evaluations are classifications of the complaints made as well as the compensation and measures taken. The reports help the company to counteract undesirable developments in products, services and communication with customers.

  • Customised software

    Feedback management is oriented towards the processes of the company. The software to handle complaints takes into account the different contact points with the customer.

  • Starting point for customer feedback

    There are many reasons for complaints in online business: Products deviate from the description, arrive defective or late at the recipient. Services do not correspond to the description or are incomplete. Dealing openly with criticism from customers is valuable. It strengthens trust in a company and the perception of a brand improves when customers can release their griefs. In general, it is better if customers complain instead of simply switching providers. Acquiring a new customer is considerably more cost-intensive than looking after an existing customer.

  • Feedback Management

    The introduction of an INEXSO Feedback Management solution is preceded by a detailed analysis of the processes. What do the company's business processes look like? Where are the contact points with the customer? Where are producers, suppliers, sales, marketing, logistics and service providers involved? Who takes care of the customer's concerns? How are the possible complaints to be classified? What does the clarification process look like? What kind and to what extent are there compensations? How can process improvements be derived?