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Fresh release: INEXSO ERM 12

Increase efficiency with triggers, macros, ticket and reminder templates. Support complex processes. Webhook integration of third-party systems, …

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Multichannel platform

Customer communication across all channels on one platform

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Email management

Solutions to effectively support your customer communication

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Feedback management

Use feedback to retain customers and gain information

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Web self service

Your automated, electronic support for recurring customer enquiries

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Software for your customer service

INEXSO develops software for inspiring customer service.
Intuitive. Web-based. Scalable.

  • INEXSO controls the distribtution of requests.
  • INEXSO automates the response.
  • INEXSO automates routine tasks and workflows.
  • INEXSO supports across channels.
  • INEXSO analyses and reports.
  • INEXSO is open to individual add-ons.
  • INEXSO can be seamlessly integrated.

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DER Touristik is German market leader for individually combined touristic modules. INEXSO ERM is software of choice to manage DER customer correspondence.

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Longstanding customer relationships

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Response management is definitely an issue for SMEs. If I don't know how to engage the customer through service, the competition is just a click away.

Arnd Woitschik, Managing Director of Kohl Automobile, Aachen

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Our entire customer communication in 16 countries runs via INEXSO software. A technician must be available at all times, even outside of operating hours if necessary. INEXSO has been providing us with very professional and reliable support for many years.

Stephan Gürtler, Head of Internal Sales at CEWE, Oldenburg

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The advantages over Outlook are obvious. We observe a massive reduction in manual efforts and have been able to achieve an increase in efficiency of 300% in just a few months – unbelievable.

Anett Oriwe, Head of Customer Service

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We guarantee our customers service levels of 1 hour. This can only be realised with a stable running software like INEXSO ERM.

Friedrich Gebhardt, Business Operation Manager

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The cooperation has grown steadily over the years. The INEXSO system is used for both, reservations and guest feedback. We use all the competences of INEXSO - migration, customising, interfaces, extended service levels.

Andrea Kruse, Head of Customer Service

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INEXSO ERM is a programme that thinks ahead and can prioritise requests depending on their urgency.

Natascha Trum, Customer Care

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Guaranteed advantages

With INEXSO you count on a reliable partner. That’s for sure.

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    Quick ROI

    Your purchasing department will be pleased about investments that pay off quickly.

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    Simple IT integration

    Modern interfaces are basis for highly manageable projects.

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    Web administration

    Your service team can administer most tasks autonomously from your IT department.

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    Software customising

    As inexpensive as standard software, as flexible as custom development.

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    As owner-managed company, INEXSO is closer to its customers and more flexible.

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    Made in Germany

    All INEXSO services are provided exclusively in Germany.

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  • Enterprise Response Management Software (ERMS)

    INEXSO software is used by many companies in Germany and Europe. Areas of application are customer service or customer support in external as well as in in-house service centers. Often, companies start with email response management and then gradually add other communication channels such as fax, letter, SMS, social media, WhatsApp, chat.

  • Versatile use of service software

    INEXSO ERM is used for very different purposes besides customer service. This ranges from use as a helpdesk system (also Issue Tracking System or ITS) for user support to use as a trouble ticket system (also Ticket System or TTS) for 2nd level support or use as a central complaint management or feedback system. In addition, ERM can be implemented for B2B processes such as offer generation and order processing.

  • Sustainable increase of customer experience

    INEXSO’s relationship with its customers is characterised by long-term cooperation. German companies in particular prefer to start with a scalable best practice solution to increase customer experience. Often, this is a pure email management system that is launched alongside the existing telephone system. The modular structure of the INEXSO platform, which is designed for companies of all sizes, allows a future-proof decision to be made. Use of state-of-the-art solutions is first observed or tested in a limited test operation to enable their future-proof use.

  • Customer service from any location

    With the web-based INEXSO ERM, you can guarantee your customer support from any location. A computer and internet access are the only requirements you need. Home office is made intuitive and secure thanks to the intelligent software solution. The workflows of the individual support staff are transparent and comprehensible thanks to transaction histories and various internal control options. This leads to smooth cooperation in your teams.

  • Customisable Service Center Software

    Only through the use of specialised software systems you are able to manage customer service, plan your workforce and automate processes partially or completely. INEXSO ERM is an easy to use standard software, combined with the flexibility of far more expensive solutions in terms of customised add-ons. Simple connection to third-party systems is achieved via REST services or webhooks, e.g. midoffice solutions, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, namely Midoco, SAP, Dynamics and others. In this way, INEXSO ERM supports the agent in answering customer enquiries and can map even complex business processes that require data exchange with third-party systems (e.g. customer management with orders, changes, cancellations). This is also supported by the use of user- and event-controlled macros and triggers.

  • At eye level with the customer

    The introduction of an INEXSO solution convinces with a quick return on investment (ROI). Even the implementation of the software is not a major project, but can be completed within a few weeks. And the daily operation is largely independent of IT resources, which are always in short supply. Thus INEXSO ERM pays off even for an interim usage. Customizing of specific features, interface development and, if desired, hosting are implemented by INEXSO exclusively in Germany.