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WhatsApp in customer service

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For companies and customers alike, the social media messenger is an ideal contact channel in customer service. A majority of all European smartphone users use WhatsApp daily as their preferred communication channel. Communication is simple, fast and direct. The channel is available at any time and allows the uncomplicated insertion of pictures, videos and voice messages. Perfect when the customer has comprehension questions or wants to communicate a shortcoming.

For companies, efficiency is also a priority. According to studies, the response is significantly faster. Further work can be saved through automation, so that a savings potential of up to 80% compared to other service channels is assumed. As part of the WhatsApp contact list, customer loyalty is achieved par excellence.

WhatsApp Business API


In the commercial sector, WhatsApp Business is used for WhatsApp communication by companies. For companies with more than 5 employees, it is recommended to use the WhatsApp Business API, because only this ensures work in service teams, scalability and conformity with the GDPR.

The WhatsApp Business API can only be used with the help of solution providers. The INEXSO WhatsApp module already includes the connection of the WhatsApp Business API by means of a solution provider.

Reply free of charge, notify for a fee


WhatsApp Business distinguishes between two types of messages in the Business API.

If the communication originates from the customer, a 24-hour time window opens for a free response (customer service). As long as the customer responds to a service reply, the time window extends accordingly.

If a customer request has not been completed, e.g. due to external clarification or the weekend, the service chat can be resumed with a notification template (ticket_response_after_24h). The content of the template must be approved by WhatsApp and its use is associated with low costs.

WhatsApp in INEXSO ERM - it's intuitive, modern and makes processing so much easier. There is nothing more practical than being in our customers' smartphone contact list.
Marion Roelfs, Head of Customer Advisory Centre at alsa-hundewelt

WhatsApp Business in INEXSO ERM


By integrating WhatsApp Business into the multichannel software INEXSO ERM, you realise seamless customer service under a uniform user interface.

The advantages speak for themselves: choice of synchronous or asynchronous query assignment to the service employee, reply suggestions from the integrated knowledge database, use of variables and file attachments, cross-channel customer contact history, transfer of ongoing chats to specialist departments, analysis and reporting functions.

WhatsApp Business with the INEXSO ERM. Request presentation